Web Application Testing

Web application testing

We ensure that your web application is error-free and will function smoothly when your end-user is using it.
Web application testing is one of our core services.  With over 6 years of experienced team on web application projects, we have worked out a specially developed package of services.


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We don’t just test. We make your product a great product.

We’ve tested websites of all shapes and sizes for everyone from giant tech companies to small non-profits. We test sites across browsers and devices, including mobile website testing services. From WordPress to E-Commerce, you name it, we’ve tested it. Whether your site is still in development or out in the wild, we can work with any environment.

Key Aspects of Web Application Testing:

Requirement Analysis:

Our process commences with a meticulous analysis of your web application requirements. Understanding the scope and objectives helps tailor a testing strategy aligned with your goals.

Test Planning:

A detailed test plan is crafted, outlining the testing approach, scope, resources, and schedule. This plan serves as a roadmap for our testing efforts, ensuring systematic and thorough examination.

Test Case Design:

Our experienced testing team designs test cases covering various scenarios, from basic functionality to complex user interactions. This ensures a comprehensive test coverage to identify potential issues.

Manual and Automated Testing:

We employ a balanced approach, combining manual and automated testing methodologies. Manual testing allows for in-depth exploration, while automated testing enhances efficiency and repeatability.


Web Automation Testing:

Leveraging cutting-edge tools and frameworks, our experts implement web automation testing to streamline repetitive tasks, expedite the testing process, and enhance accuracy.


Compatibility Testing:

Our testing encompasses compatibility across different browsers, devices, and operating systems to ensure a consistent and seamless experience for all users.


Performance Testing:

Assessing the web application’s performance is integral. We conduct load testing, stress testing, and other performance evaluations to guarantee optimal responsiveness under varying conditions.


Security Testing:

Security is a top priority. Our testing includes robust security assessments to identify vulnerabilities and ensure that your web application is resilient against potential threats.


E-commerce Website Testing:

For e-commerce platforms, we specialize in testing the unique functionalities of online stores. This includes testing shopping carts, payment gateways, order processing, and overall user experience.


Regression Testing:

As your web application evolves, we conduct regression testing to ensure that new features or updates do not adversely affect existing functionalities.

Benefits of Choosing GlobalSourceUS for Web Application Testing:


Expertise in Web Testing:

Our team specializes in web application testing, bringing a wealth of experience to identify and resolve potential issues specific to web-based environments.


Comprehensive Testing Services:

From functional testing to security assessments, our services cover the entire spectrum of web application testing, ensuring a thorough examination of your digital assets.

Scalable Solutions:

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, our testing solutions are scalable to meet the unique needs and complexities of your web application.
Quick Turnaround:

Quick Turnaround:

We understand the importance of time-to-market. Our efficient testing processes ensure quick turnaround without compromising on quality.

Client-Centric Approach:


Collaboration is at the core of our approach. We work closely with clients, understanding their goals and aligning our testing efforts to contribute to their success.
In conclusion, GlobalSourceUS stands as a reliable partner for web application testing, offering tailored solutions that address the specific challenges and intricacies of your digital platforms. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your web applications not only meet but exceed user expectations, fostering a positive and impactful online presence. Choose GlobalSourceUS for web application testing services that elevate the quality and performance of your digital assets in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Cross-browser testing


We don’t just look at your website on Safari and call it a day. Our experienced QA testers can test your site across multiple browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, and more. We can even do website testing on the last ten versions of your browser(s) of choice. We also keep up with market share data to determine which browser versions to test.