Full Cycle Testing

Full Cycle Testing

Elevating Excellence Through Full Cycle Testing Services

In the constantly- developing world of software development, certifying the dependability, functionality, and security of applications is paramount. GlobalSourceUS emerges as a beacon in the realm of software testing, offering comprehensive full cycle testing services that span the entire testing life cycle. In this deep dive, we explore the intricacies of testing methodologies, the significance of Testing Life Cycle in software development, and how GlobalSourceUS is at the forefront of delivering excellence across the QA Life Cycle.

Understanding the Testing Life Cycle: Unveiling the Stages

  • Requirements Analysis:
    GlobalSourceUS begins the Testing Life Cycle by delving into project requirements. This stage lays the foundation for an exhaustive testing strategy, ensuring alignment with client objectives.
  •  Test Planning:
    Meticulous planning is the hallmark of our approach. We develop a comprehensive Test Plan, encompassing scope, resources, schedules, and risk mitigation strategies, setting the stage for seamless execution.
  •  Test Design:
    Our seasoned QA experts craft detailed test cases, considering diverse scenarios. This stage ensures that every aspect of the software is systematically examined, covering functional, non-functional, and performance aspects.
  • Test Execution:
    GlobalSourceUS employs cutting-edge tools and methodologies to execute the test cases. Whether it’s manual or automated testing, our focus is on precision and thorough examination of the software’s functionality.
  • Defect Reporting and Tracking:
    In the event of defects, our robust reporting and tracking mechanisms come into play. This ensures that identified issues are promptly communicated, allowing for swift resolution and preventing bottlenecks in the development process.
  • Regression Testing:
    As the software evolves, we conduct thorough regression testing to ensure that new changes don’t negatively impact existing functionalities. This iterative approach guarantees the stability and reliability of the software.
  • Test Closure:
    The culmination of the Testing Life Cycle involves a comprehensive evaluation of the testing process. Our Test Closure Report provides insights, lessons learned, and recommendations for future improvements.

Agile QA Life Cycle:
Aligning with the Agile Software Development Life Cycle, our qa life cycle in agile focuses on continuous collaboration, adaptability, and delivering incremental value. This iterative process allows for real-time adjustments, optimizing the development and testing synergy.


Automation Testing Life Cycle in Agile:
Automation is a cornerstone in Agile Testing. GlobalSourceUS maximizes efficiency by incorporating automated testing into the Agile framework. This accelerates the testing process, enabling quick feedback loops and facilitating rapid development.


DevOps and Testing Life Cycle: A Symbiotic Relationship:
In the era of DevOps, GlobalSourceUS seamlessly integrates Testing Life Cycle with DevOps practices. Continuous Testing becomes integral, ensuring that changes introduced through DevOps pipelines are rigorously tested, preventing the introduction of defects into the production environment.


Performance Testing Life Cycle: Ensuring Scalability and Resilience
GlobalSourceUS goes beyond the conventional and places a strong emphasis on Performance Testing. This specialized aspect of the Testing Life Cycle ensures that applications perform optimally under varying conditions.

  • Performance Test Planning:
    Rigorous planning precedes performance testing. We define performance metrics, scenarios, and success criteria, aligning with the specific requirements and goals of the software.
  • Test Design and Implementation:
    Our experts design and implement performance tests, focusing on scalability, responsiveness, and stability. This involves simulating various user loads and scenarios to evaluate the software’s robustness.
  • Execution and Monitoring:
    Performance tests are executed, closely monitored, and analyzed. GlobalSourceUS leverages advanced tools to measure response times, identify bottlenecks, and assess the overall performance under stress.
  • Analysis and Reporting:
    Thorough analysis and reporting follow the performance testing phase. Our detailed reports provide insights into system behavior, pinpoint performance bottlenecks, and offer recommendations for optimization.

Automation Testing Life Cycle: Accelerating Efficiency
Automation is a game-changer in the testing life cycle. GlobalSourceUS harnesses the power of automation to expedite testing processes, enhance accuracy, and optimize resource utilization.


  • Strategic Test Automation Planning:
    Our Automation Testing Life Cycle begins with meticulous planning. We identify test scenarios suitable for automation, select appropriate tools, and define the automation framework.
  • Script Development:
    Automation scripts are developed, adhering to best practices. Our experts ensure the creation of robust and maintainable scripts that cover a comprehensive range of test scenarios.
  • Execution and Analysis:
    Automated tests are executed systematically. The results are analyzed, and any deviations from expected behavior are flagged for further investigation.
  • Maintenance and Iteration:
    Automation scripts undergo regular maintenance to accommodate changes in the software. Continuous iteration ensures that the automation framework evolves alongside the software.

QA Life Cycle: A Holistic Approach to Quality Assurance
The Quality Assurance Life Cycle at GlobalSourceUS is not confined to individual testing phases. It is a holistic approach that transcends individual testing cycles, integrating seamlessly with the larger Software Development Life

Increase Your Business ROI Through Innovative QA and Software Testing Solution

Some specific services that GlobalSourceUS offers

Trial Period

Effective trial period wherein you can try, check, verify, believe and then finalize us as your QA company. We believe in a transparent working system

Scalable dynamic QA team

QA or Test engineers based on your requirements and need of the pertaining skillets

Efficient Communication

Our software testing team has a global expanse and match up to your working hours and time zone to ensure smooth functioning and regular communication

Competitive pricing

We make sure that our pricing is extremely effective and affordable to cater to your needs efficiently

Customer on Priority

– We do not believe in the general 8 hours schedule when it is our customer on line. We make sure to go out and about our boundaries to deliver urgent requirements on priority

Trained testing experts

Our QA testers go through an extensive selection and training criteria panning to different domains of specialized testing services so that we reduce any hindrance that you might face

Open Test Lab

Consisting of a wide range of testing peripherals to ensure maximum testing coverage

Regular updates

We offer daily support and communication along with task updates so that the development team can align their tasks accordingly

Globalization and Localization testing

Full Cycle Testing

GlobalSourceUS delivers software quality control services, which includes full lifecycle testing.  We cover the core stages of development, starting from requirements testing at the software design stage to final testing at the release and deployment stage.

Spend quality time developing great software & leave rest to us
GlobalSourceUS surfaces bugs and defects that no one could foresee, helping your team to focus on writing code and reduce development time

Requirement Analysis

GlobalSourceUS ’s Quality Assurance (QA) team will analyze the requirements for testing & figure out the testable requirements. During this phase our QA team may interact with various stakeholders such as client, business analyst, technical leads, system architects etc.

END-to-END test coverage

We perform all types of testing: functional, GUI, usability, security, database testing, cross-platform, cross-browser, accessibility, installation, configuration, performance/load, stress testing etc.

Process transparency

We strive to provide you with complete transparency for everything we do in the scope of your project. Seamlessly integrating with your business and development processes, we assure your full access to the testing progress of your software.

Confirmed KPIs

We understand that it is highly important to you to understand how we’re progressing with our testing tasks and whether our progress aligns with your goals. We always outline your most important QA KPIs and keep you informed about their status.

Test Automation Services

With 20+ year in IT Back Office Industry serving only US based clients, we’ve developed our test automation service package with a team of over 6 years experience in manual as well as automation testing to deliver flawless software to our clients within tight timelines.

Test Planning

The Test Manager determines the effort and cost estimates for the entire project. It defines the objective & scope of the project.

Unit Test
API Testing
Integration Test
System Test
Install/Uninstall Testing
Agile Testing

Test Case Development

This is the phase of STLC where testing team notes the detailed test cases. Along with test cases, testing team also prepares the test data for testing. Once the test cases are ready then these test cases are reviewed by peer members or QA lead.

A good test case is the one which is effective at finding defects and also covers most of the scenarios on the system under test

Test Environment Setup

Setting up the test environment is vital part of the Software Testing Life Cycle. A testing environment is a setup of software and hardware for the testing teams to execute test cases. It supports test execution with hardware, software and network configured.

Test Execution

The next phase in Software Testing Life Cycle is Test Execution. Test execution is the process of executing the code and comparing the expected and actual results. When test execution begins, the test analysts start executing the test scripts based on test strategy allowed in the project.

Check planned Deliverable

The planned deliverables that will be given to the stakeholder of the project are checked and analyzed by the team.

Finalize & Archive Test ware / Environment

It involves finalizing and archiving of the test ware and software like test scripts, test environment, test infrastructure, etc.

lose Incident Reports

The team checks that the planned deliverable are delivered and validate that all the incidents are resolved before the culmination of the process.

Document System Acceptance

It involves system verification and validation according to the strategy outlined.

Handover to Maintenance

After resolving incidents and closing the incident report, the test-wares are then handed over to the maintenance team.

Analyze Best Practices

It determines the various changes required for similar projects and their future release.